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Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana

September 9, 2008

ChristthelordcanaHaving been an Anne Rice vampire chronicles fan, it’s been a phenomenal journey following her through her Christ the Lord series.

Rice always writes beautifully, but the Road to Cana stood out above the rest to me. She tackles the difficult balance of what it means to be fully man and fully God while developing both throughout the story. She interconnects biblical stories while using plenty of artistic license to stimulate fresh perspectives as you read the gospels. ie. who’s wedding was he at when he turned the water into wine?

As with all her books, Rice does an impressive effort in shedding light on the historical and cultural settings. ie. What was it like to be a man in his 30s and unmarried during those times? She explores the very mind of Christ as it is written in the first person and shares the struggles he may have went through. Without fail she describes his tenderness and deep love for humanity.

The book was so captivating and imaginative I’d recommend it to just about anybody, where ever they are in their spiritual journey. I applaud Anne Rice for wrestling through this and sharing it with the rest of us.

Lon Wong

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