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Chris Elrod: Ego

April 18, 2011

Small churches are significant in the kingdom of God But I was embarrassed — because of my ego.

Friend who is pastor of large church told me:
• You are successful
• You reach people that gave up on church
• Your church is baptizing people
• You reach people for Christ That’s success.

Luke 15:7 . . . There will be more joy in heaven over one person who repents . . . I didn’t start out to be a mega church pastor. I went out to reach one person for Jesus Christ. It snowballed from there. Are you looking to be discovered or be developed?

I only wanted to reach people for Christ, when I first started…but somewhere along the way my selfesteem got in the way.

I was spending all my time coveting a church of another pastor instead of loving on the people God gave me. Or chasing the vision of someone else. Or sit in the presence of big church pastors instead of the presence of God. I realized it was a sin. In this town, we were equipped to reach the people put off by the large churches. I was taking it for granted. The world’s measure is not the scripture’s.

The Next Generational Leader by Andy Stanley — Followship is not the determination of success. If you are reaching people with the message of Jesus Christ, and you are seeing them come to know him, and lives changed, then you are significant and your church is significant in the kingdom of God.

Discussion Questions:
1. Are you looking to be discovered or developed?
2. No matter what size your church, look at what God did give you.

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