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Chip Henderson: My Woman, My Wife

June 8, 2011

After the birth of our third child, my wife struggled with postpartum depression. I didn’t understand it, and I wanted her to snap out of it. (Not proud of it)

God told me, “It’s not just about her, but about you. If your wife is going to get better, it will be because you change.”

I didn’t live my life considering my wife. I lived my life and then told my wife how I was living. Church was the center of my world and I gave my best time at work. God said that was wrong.

I came from a mindset where the man worked outside the home, the woman worked at home and everything was to be perfect when I got home. (Understand now that was backwards).

Eph 5 – Husbands, love your wives… God revealed I was completely selfish and Jesus was not.
-I did not have a servant’s heart. (could pretend when convenient)
-I need to serve my wife and my kids.

I needed to surrender my dreams. God said: “It’s not about you.“ “You decrease and let me increase.” Not easy.

8 years later:
– My married life is the best it has ever been.
– I love my wife more deeply, and understand her better than I ever have.
– Learned to serve my wife and to give myself to her in a way I never thought possible.
– There’s a power and peace in living your priorities.
– Serve my family first.

As I surrendered my life and delegated to other people (releasing the ministry), God has blessed us like He never would have been able to if I had kept holding on.

Game changing moment – when God said stop living for yourself and start living according to My plan.
Discussion Questions:
1. In what ways is “servant leadership” at home harder than servant leadership at church? 2. Do your dreams for your church drive you more than your dreams for your family?

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