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Charles Lee: Co-Laboration

July 25, 2011

Transformed the way I engage people: for years thought co/laboration was a nice concept. Why didn’t I co/laborate well? My excuses: – Not enough time – Money – takes resources we don’t have – Fear – what if it doesn’t yield return I expect – It’s an add-on; a burden At the root cause was my ego. I could provide the solutions. I could do it all. Co/laboration must move from option >> want >> need Our mission is way too big! Book – We Are Smarter Than Me – the crowd is smarter than any one individual Co/laboration leads to exponential growth. Co/laboration births creativity / Intentionally spontaneous moments of creativity.

Elements for co/laboration: transparency >> trust community >> accountability openness >> formation listening >> strategy intentionality >> ethos Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success – Henry Ford That the Body would Co-Labor together

Work together and share best practices  

Discussion Questions: 1. Describe a time when your ego prevented your co/laborating. 2. Define your next step at improving your co/laboration skills.

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