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Charles Jenkins: Did You Finish Your Assignment

June 27, 2011

1. Professionally The Book of Acts has flipped our church inside out. Group of people received the Holy Spirit & driven to impact culture. Evangelism, communion, prayer, miracles, giving, new churches. Our commitment to impacting culture isn’t what it could be. Now everybody is trying to figure out how to use everything they have to impact culture. 2. Personally Pulled out of your lane and missing your vein. Need to hone in on God given assignments. Can neglect what’s most important by doing what is important but not assigned to our hand. As a leader I need to be clear in four or five areas. Mine are: – Spiritually (evangelism and discipleship), – Socially (impact youth), – Politically (economic development, build communities), – Personally (write songs, create resources to help other leaders) Now I know what I am doing, so I know what I’m not doing. And my “no” muscle is getting stronger.

Discussion Questions:
1. Is your church doing all that God wants when it comes to impacting culture?
2. Get clear on what assignments God has given you. What are your assignments spiritually, socially, politically, and personally?

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