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Charles Hill: The One Thing that will Change Everything

June 10, 2011

Story of Jesus and the rich young ruler. Rich young ruler accomplished all these levels. “Jesus, you need to give me your heart.”
Rich young ruler
– always wanted more
– everything came from what he had built
– was more important than Jesus.

Is Jesus enough? Are we always seeking something more? Went from something amazing to something tough.

When in Loudenville [mountain top]
– don’t know if I can say Jesus was enough
– always looking to go to the next level
– think He was.

When we are in the valley, still hard to say Jesus is enough
If God were to send you just one person, would it be enough for you?

I want you to lay everything down and say, “Jesus, you are enough.”

Push like it depends on you, pray like it depends on God. There’s a middle where you push hard, but at the end of the day, Jesus is enough. One of the prayers of our team: “Lord, We planned. We practiced. We prepared. We prayed. Now we place it in your hands. Whatever you do, it is enough for me.” Psalm 9:20 We are but men. Is Jesus enough for you?

Discussion Questions:
1. Is Jesus enough for you?
2. Are you always seeking more?

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