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Changing Your Church Organically From the Inside Out

October 14, 2013

Church Transfusion was recently reviewed by the Australian eJournal of Theology, which states, “Neil Cole and Phil Helfer are founders of Church Multiplication Associates, an organic church planting movement that has planted thousands of churches in more than forty countries and trained 50,000 people in church planting principles. They are well known for their championing of reproducing healthy disciples, leaders, churches and movements. Their heart is to cultivate organic principles in all sorts of churches. Their agenda is not to turn existing churches into house churches, but to help any and all models of church become simpler, more organic and focused simply on disciple-making. This is a constructive resource book about how organic principles can help existing churches to revitalise. If I could put one book into the hands of every pastor and leader seeking to cooperate with God in revitalising their local church, my top pick would be Church Transfusion.” Click here for the full review.

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