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Chad Hunt: Lead On

June 22, 2011

Changing the game plan is a good thing, when God is in it. It means He is interrupting our work that is going to fail, and implementing a work that will get us past the hump. You can’t grow your church until you first grow your leadership. A lot of times we think you have to first have the facility, worship, dynamic preacher . . . But look deeper – God wants the church to have more than warm bodies in the seat. He wants to see our people discipled. Grow the church, grow the leadership.

I developed two groups.
1) Leaders of others group – people leading ministries
2) Mentor/leader group

They’re not necessarily leading in the church, but have extensive background in the church, in church leadership or secular leadership (CEO stuff) where they’re well read in leadership and have deeper understanding of leadership principles. It’s all about teamwork. You can do a lot of things to grow your church (attractional) while the church needs to be attractional, she also needs to be missional. You have to treat your church like you already are where God says you are going before you get there. If you can raise up leaders to lead before the people come, God is faithful to give you what you can handle.

Discussion Questions:
1. Look at your leadership. What are you doing to invest in your leaders to grow leaders? 2. If your church were to start acting like it were at the next level, what changes need to take place?

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