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Celebration of Discipline for a New Generation

August 14, 2013

Ken Shigematsu was leading a dynamic, growing church in Vancouver, British Columbia. To all appearances, he was successful. On the inside, however, he felt like he was treading water in his spiritual life. He discussed his struggles with his mentor, Leighton Ford, who invited him to participate in a pilgrimage to the holy places of Ireland.

Visiting the ancient monasteries made a deep impression on Shigematsu, who began to consider how ancient monastic practices – especially the practice of living by a rule or rhythm of life – could make his own life as a busy urban pastor more bearable, even enriching.

One week, when Shigematsu was asked to fill in for a colleague who had been scheduled to preach, he spoke extemporaneously about the rule of life he had developed and how it had made a difference in his life. The response from the congregation was unlike anything he had ever experienced, with people continuing to contact him two and three months later about how they, too, could develop a rule of life for themselves.

That message became the core of his new book, God in My Everything (Zondervan, 2013). Written based on Shigematsu’s doctoral work at Oxford and San Francisco Theological Seminary on the life and work of St. Benedict of Nursia, who developed the basic rule for Christian monasteries in the West, as well as a rich store of personal experiences, God in My Everything shows how one can build life-giving rhythms into our daily lives.

Shigematsu shows that spiritual formation is more than just solitude and contemplative reflections. Spiritual formation happens in the everyday, in each and every moment of life. He highlights his points with poignant and humorous stories from his career at Sony Corp. in Tokyo, and his experiences as a husband, father and pastor.

By combining Asian and European perspectives on the practice of spiritual disciplines, he offers a unique understanding of the importance of intentionally developing and following a rule of life that supports rather than stifles growth. Shigematsu leads us in a journey down an ancient, timeless pathway, winsomely demonstrating how a rule of life can opening each part of life to God, transforming our work, play, and all our relationships.

Mark Buchanan, professor of ministry and author of Your God is Too Safe, describes God in My Everything as, “a celebration of discipline for a new generation.” Well-known author and pastor Darrell W. Johnson, adds: “I believe this will become the go-to book for the church in our time.”

Compelling, highly accessible, and practical, this book will resonate with Christians longing for a deeper spirituality, especially pastors, leaders, and parents who feel that the busyness of their life makes a close relationship with God challenging, perhaps even impossible. It will also speak to those on the borderlands of faith seeking spiritual meaning.

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