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Online to Offline: Podcast 166

Jay is the Online Campus Pastor of Saddleback Church. He shares what he does as a leader of the online extension of the church. Nils

A Guide to Launching Your FIRST Campus

By Dr. Josh Whitehead Although multisite is a “new normal” among churches, launching your first campus is anything but “normal.” In reality, there are few

Campus Pastor as Key to Multisite Success

New Research, Sample Job Descriptions By Warren Bird Brought to you by Portable Church   One of the most-asked questions from multisite churches is, “What

What Makes a Great Campus Pastor?

Guest Post by Jim Tomberlin   Ask any multisite church leader today what the most important component is in multisiting and the overwhelming answer is

4 Types of Ministry Innovation

What do the wheel, compass, printing press, lightbulb, automobile, computer, internet, and smartphone all have in common? They were all breakthrough innovations that radically reshaped

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