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ACTS 5’s Ananias, Sapphira, and the Jerusalem DAO

As discussed on Metaverse Church NEXT, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DOAs) can be an incredible opportunity for churches to utilize blockchain and cryptocurrencies. According to DigiDay, DAOs are

Church in a Virtual Reality Bar?

“Hey Jeff, I’m thinking about opening a Bar in Virtual Reality, specifically VRChat.” My friend Joey is a Digital Pastor in Ohio and part of

Here Is the Church…

The greatest resource your church has is not your staff or building. It’s your people. Remember the old hand gesture rhyme we all learned as

Will Churches Become Decentralized?

Will Churches Get Bigger or Smaller? Bigger churches will follow the megachurch model and find ways to succeed by big-church standards. Large churches with large

FCP 24 | Ryan Delamater

OCNWTR exists to help the marginalized coastal communities of the 108 countries with direct ocean access receive their drinking water from the ocean at a

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