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LNP16 | Investment As Mission

Stories of impact are popping up all over the country. God is on the move in unique ways like never before. As the Church emerges

LNP13 | Rhythms of Healthy Microchurches

Guest: Hugh Halter Founder, Lantern Network A better framework for understanding microchurches has less to do with an event or a place; rather, seeing each

LNP10 | Prayer as the Fuel

Guest: Lee Price Pioneering Initiatives Lead Team | NOVO Prayer has been the fuel for seeing disciple-making movements emerge globally and historically. When disciple-making movements

LNP9 | Who Can Lead a Microchurch?

Guest: Stacy Gaskins International Planting Team | Underground Network Church leadership has often been confined to a select few. In fact, the idea of “calling”

Engaging the Next Generation

In an era of rapid societal changes and shifting values, many local churches are facing the challenge of engaging the next generation.  With declining attendance

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Time to Create New Norms

Fifty-five years ago, nearly half of Americans smoked and only 100,000 regularly took a jog.  Then, in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote his groundbreaking book,

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