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LNP 27 | Life After Altspace

AltspaceVR is dead. Well, not quite yet, but as of March 10, 2023, Microsoft will be sunsetting their social VR platform AltspaceVR. Of all social

LNP19 | Launching a Side Hustle

Many church leaders in America are plagued by financial insecurity—not only in their ministries, but also on the homefront. In this episode, you will learn

Engaging the Next Generation

In an era of rapid societal changes and shifting values, many local churches are facing the challenge of engaging the next generation.  With declining attendance

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Time to Create New Norms

Fifty-five years ago, nearly half of Americans smoked and only 100,000 regularly took a jog.  Then, in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote his groundbreaking book,

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