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How to Become More Innovative

There is a pervasive myth out there that innovation is the exclusive domain of artists, entrepreneurs, and creative types. But is it possible to cultivate


A.I. and the Future of Preaching

The best artificial intelligence chatbot in history was released by the A.I. research company OpenAI toward the end of 2022. ChatGPT (the GPT stands for

Innovation as Stewardship

Innovation is often born out of adversity. Problems, setbacks, and challenges require us to find new paths forward. New solutions are needed. But this is

Is It Time to Change Wineskins?

The rabbis of old had a saying, “Without wine, there is no joy.”1 This was especially true at a wedding. In the first century, weddings

LNP 33 | Transforming a City

We have all been commissioned by God to make disciples. Many others have been called to plant new churches. But what would it look like

What Happened in the 1990s?

Growing Numbers of Americans with No Religious Affiliation  In 1972, only 1 in 20 Americans had no religious affiliation. They were primarily atheists and demographically

4 Types of Ministry Innovation

What do the wheel, compass, printing press, lightbulb, automobile, computer, internet, and smartphone all have in common? They were all breakthrough innovations that radically reshaped

Engaging the Next Generation

In an era of rapid societal changes and shifting values, many local churches are facing the challenge of engaging the next generation.  With declining attendance

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Time to Create New Norms

Fifty-five years ago, nearly half of Americans smoked and only 100,000 regularly took a jog.  Then, in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote his groundbreaking book,

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