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FCP 21 | Myron Pierce, Mission Church

Our macro vision as an inner-city church is to saturate every inner city with diverse hope filled churches. Our missional venture, “Shift” is an entrepreneurial

FCP 17 | Jate Earhart, Love Clan

Love Clan is specifically targeting people who otherwise would have nothing to do with Jesus. Love Clan has created a community of gamers through Discord

Future Church Podcast Episode 15 KC Underground Rob Wegner

FCP 15 | Rob Wegner, KC Underground

In 2019, about 80 followers of Jesus left the prevailing church structures to be the seeds for a grassroots movement in Kansas City.  They believe

Future Church Podcast Episode 13 Trellis Network Josh Armstrong

FCP 13 | Josh Armstrong, Trellis

In January of 2021, Trellis began with a hub of apostolic leaders in the greater Knoxville area, which is currently working to mobilize an army

Future Church Podcast Center for Pioneers Jon Wiest

FCP 12 | Jon Wiest, Center for Pioneers

There are thousands of pioneers sitting in congregations across North America. They need to be mobilized. The Pioneer Training Center provides online coaching and training

Engaging the Next Generation

In an era of rapid societal changes and shifting values, many local churches are facing the challenge of engaging the next generation.  With declining attendance

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Time to Create New Norms

Fifty-five years ago, nearly half of Americans smoked and only 100,000 regularly took a jog.  Then, in 1968, Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote his groundbreaking book,

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