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Campus Pastors – Two New Resources

October 7, 2015

by Warren Bird

Campus Pastors, and those who work with them, will find will find new help in two recent releases from Leadership Network:

campus-pastors_20150928184243_1443465763993_block_91. Mini-Report: Campus Pastor as Key to Multisite Success

One of the most-asked questions from multisite churches is, “What should we look for in a campus pastor?” or more specifically “What are some of the best campus pastor job descriptions that we could adapt?”

This mini-report, drawing from a recent Leadership Network survey of campus pastors, tries to address just that. It shows the relationship between what a campus pastor does, and how those emphases impact the job description. The final part of the report reprints a number of actual job descriptions for a campus pastor (and offers a way to obtain even more examples).

 Cost: Free

30-Multisite-Campus-Pastor-Job-Descriptions2. Thirty Multi-Site Campus Pastor Job Descriptions

This document contains 30 job descriptions for campus pastors, which were collected in a recent survey by Leadership Network. Some are short, and some are quite detailed. We offer these descriptions not as advice nor as a single model of how you should create your own campus pastor job description. Rather, we hope that by providing a wide range of documents, you can pick and choose what works for your specific situation. Submitting churches have given their permission for us to share these descriptions, however, names and specific locations have been removed.

Cost: $49

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