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Building a Church that Reaches – and Continues to Reach – the Next Generation

August 18, 2016

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By Warren Bird

What if you set the following goal: In the church you serve, the attendees’ average age will be at least as young as the average age in our surrounding community. If your congregation is like most, the average age is older than the people who live, work and play in the neighborhood around where your church meets. In fact, a recent national study shows how the average age in most denominations is considerably older than the average adult age in the United States.

Pittsburgh pastor Lee Kricher took on the challenge above in a long-established church, as he unpacks in For a New Generation: A Practical Guide to Revitalizing Your Church. He outlines five practical change strategies for church leaders and members who are committed to reversing or avoiding church decline. This book is not about changing your church’s statement of faith. It is about evaluating and changing, as needed, your church’s programs, ministries and practices to ensure the long-term health and vitality of your church.

My take on what Lee writes is this: “Rich in insight, difficult to put down, courage-inspiring, practical, and brutally honest, For a New Generation makes church revitalization seem invitingly doable—because it can be.” In fact, you’ll find those very words on the back cover of the book, just below Andy Stanley’s glowing endorsement, because I had the privilege to read an advance copy.

Obviously I’m quite enthusiastic about the book, and I believe you too will find it a very helpful book.


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