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Bridges to Grace: Innovative Approaches to Recovery Ministry

June 16, 2011

bridges-to-graceMany pastors feel ill equipped to address the family issues, the addictions, the pain of abuse and loss, as well as the myriad other secrets that people in their churches and communities hide in their lives. Church leaders know they have a message that offers hope and healing, but they struggle to put structures in place that allow for focused recovery care. Recovery ministry is uncharted territory for many churches, but the need for it isn’t going away any time soon. Churchgoers who struggle with personal pain, in the meantime, begin to wonder if they are slipping beyond the power of God.

Ministries of healing and renewal are the bridge they need to access God’s boundless grace and the encouragement of a life-giving community that can offer support and counsel. Liz Swanson and Teresa McBean share their extensive experience working with recovery ministries and tell the stories of success and failure. They show how churches and leaders are providing recovery assistance to hurting individuals and how the ministry of recovery is being used for kingdom purposes, providing lost and hurting people with a bridge to the healing power of hope and forgiveness found in the gospel of God’s grace.

by Teresa McBean and Liz Swanson

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