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Brian Haynes: We Are Family

June 3, 2011

Most important game changer: strategy and philosophy. She turned to me, after years of going through this, and said, “you’re losing us.” “You’re not even home to tuck your little girl in bed at night. You’re not here to disciple her. You’re so busy talking and shepherding everybody else, you don’t have time for us.” Deuteronomy 6:4-9: … Impress them on your children Talk about them when you walk along the road, when you sit at home, when you lie down, when you get up. I decided to change the way I was living life. That eventually changed the way I do ministry. Out of that poured an understanding about the church and about ministry. Deut. 6.4-9 didn’t go away because Jesus uttered Matt 28.18-20. We’ve said we are going be this Mt 22/Mt 28 church and reach the nations with the gospel. I think this missing family piece is why you can have the greatest programs at your church and still have kids who grow up through those programs but walk away without a Biblical worldview. They haven’t seen it demonstrated in their own home. This was the game changer that led to a strategic ministry path of development of what we call milestones at Kingsland Baptist. We need to build a common path for church and home. Everything we do here we see as a two sided coin that you can’t separate. Part of that is home and part of that is Church. We have to work together. Now we let parents play the primary role in disciple making. We come alongside and partner at church and we all speak the same language.

Discussion Questions:
1. Think of children who parents are pastors or church leaders, yet receive less discipleship than other people in the church. What can you do to help change this?
2. Does your church make it very clear to leaders that their priority needs to be on their families first? If not, why not?

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