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Breaking Down Age Barriers: How Churches are Becoming Intentionally Intergenerational

May 28, 2014


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Today’s society often segments people by age and young and old have few opportunities to interact. Network’s concept paper, Breaking Down Age Barriers: How Churches are Becoming Intentionally Intergenerational, previously published by Amy Hanson, shares how some churches are discovering that intergenerational ministry is a rewarding, God-honoring work, and they are finding ways to encourage meaningful connections across generational lines.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“The concept of intergenerational ministry can be traced all the way back to the Old Testament.”

“A healthy church is one in which all five generations are present and actively engaged with one another in the mission of the church.”

“Groups that are designed around a mutual interest rather that age can become a place for older adults to connect with others of all generations.”

“To accomplish the vision of community transformation, we don’t have any choice but to unite the generations; it is the only way for work to get done.”

“Hearing people of all different age groups tell of their experience in sharing the ageless message of Christ has a way of drawing people together.”

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