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Brandon Hatmaker: Build It and They Will Go

June 1, 2011

Ministry of the Missional Church (Craig VanGelder)

Each have an idea of what church is about
– reality it is defined by what we do;
– organizational structure forces that direction
– what we are structured to do is what we do, defines who we are as a church.

Couple says, “The church needs to serve the poor. But I don’t serve the poor. I don’t know how to serve the poor.”

Eph 4: We are given leadership gifts in the church to equip believers for works of service.

Do our existing structures support equipping believers for works of service?

Mother Theresa said there are three kinds of need in every community:
• spiritual • physical • relational

Key response to answering this question for us was to create a process where we:
– exposed need,
– create opportunities to experience that need,
– then engage that need.

Beauty of structure- it causes you to find what you are going to do. Where? Who? When?

Natural missional flow starts with engaging culture
– You cannot engage culture without engaging the needs of culture.
– Now everything we do is through community.
– When we gather together for sake of mission you almost always find community.

Our people don’t live on mission because they still think that their mission is to just show up on Sunday. (Ed Stetzer)

As a leader I have a Biblical calling to create organizational structure that equips, empowers, and enables to engage need. If we fail to create structure to support mission, we will fail in the mission.

Discussion Questions:
1. How well does your structure align with your mission?
2. What is one change in structure that would make the biggest difference in equipping your people for ministry?

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