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Innovations Your New Staff Should Know About: Books That Have Shaped Leadership Network, Part 4

September 26, 2013

Who are the conceptual thinkers that have helped shape Leadership Network's unique approach of moving from ideas to implementation to impact? Since our founding in 1984 we have become the nation’s leading catalyst for connecting innovative church leaders. Our primary conceptual pioneers are Peter Drucker, Everett Rogers, and Lyle Schaller.

Leadership Network's CEO, Dave Travis (pictured right), recently presented a list that he describes as some of the key titles that have shaped, and will continue to shape, our work with our clients (church leaders we serve, also known as innovation partners).

In the last few days we shared Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of this list. Today and tomorrow we are sharing the remaining two parts of this list with you (Part 5 here tomorrow). We hope you can benefit from this list personally, while also getting a deeper look at the heart and soul of Leadership Network.

Part 4: Innovations Your New Staff Should Know About

  • What’s Next – Dave Travis
    Not to be self-serving but you can read this in an hour and catch some of the things we are addressing in a brief format. It highlights 20 years of trends we've watched and anticipate in large and growing churches.
  • Tribal Church – Steve Stroope
    Well written description of leadership thinking and organization from a long term client and great board member.
  • Deep and Wide – Andy Stanley
    His latest book that describes the core philosophy of North Point Church.
  • Sticky Church – Larry Osborne
    The Northcoast model has been widely imitated but often not credited for its methods. Larry is influencing a whole generation of pastors through our Next Generation Program. Of his many books, this one best reflects the church side of his thinking. My reading many years ago of his Unity Factor had a profound impact on me.
    Part of Leadership Network Innovation Series (Zondervan).


  • Center Church – Tim Keller
    Textbook feel and longish, but a very thorough description of their core philosophy and how it influences their program, which is global in influence and impact.
  • The Purpose Driven Church –  Rick Warren
    A little dated now, but this book is still guiding most of the church organization of new churches. Clients may not even know that it is at the core, but the terms and understandings Rick articulates have been embedded deep into the psyche of most church planters.
  • A New Kind of Big – Chip Sweeney 
    Describes Externally Focused and how it relates to the context of Perimeter Church in Atlanta.
  • Move – Greg Hawkins and Cally Parkinson
    Willow Creek needs to be represented on this list. I love books on leadership by Bill Hybels, and his talks at the Willow Summit each year are a must listen. I fear that too many clients misinterpret and misunderstand the Reveal survey and its intended use. But I do think that this latest book in their “Reveal” series is the most helpful and is of particularly good benefit to read.

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