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Bil Cornelius: Finding Who I Am

March 30, 2011

The biggest game changer for us is personal prayer. Challenge: look for other leaders that have a real personal walk with God and emulate them in that. Challenge: as a pastor, are there more books on business and leadership on your shelves, or are there more books on walking with God? What is God telling you? Challenge: At the end of this whole Nines, turn off the video and have your own nine minutes with God. Let God tell you some direct, fresh stuff.

Time with God. Then when God give us a vision that is crazy, we step out in faith and go for it. Challenge: When God gives you some crazy idea that requires a lot of faith, and it will require faith (it’s impossible to please God without faith), do it. There is no growth without stretching. Challenge: take a risk, walk in faith, ask God what He has for you . Challenge: don’t live on yesterday’s miracles, what God has already done in your life. God has a new miracle today. Certainly don’t live on somebody else’s miracle. Challenge: have your own, and know what God is telling you specifically. It will be different than what God is doing with anyone else. It should be different. The way you discover who you are is getting with God and God alone. God has a secret He wants to tell you when you are alone with Him; who you really are.

Discussion Questions:
1. Reflect on what you read, classes and seminars you take, websites you visit, and other ways you spend your time. Do you spend more time developing your walk with God or developing your leadership skills?
2. One reason we avoid spending time with God is because we are afraid to have Him show us who we really are. Do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

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