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Biggest Developments in Social Media : Podcast 200

January 7, 2017

Innovation has become a massive adaptation for online church. It became the bread and butter of social media church to be known to the world. In the first episode of podcast for 2017, Nils and Jay identified social networks that would extend massive awareness of churches all over the world. They also discussed how some of the predictions they mentioned in the last episode were realized. Tune in to podcast and see what are the things that you might learn this year!

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Show Notes:

Instagram stories, stickers, time and location

Go live on Instagram stories

Snapchat is the new VLOG

Facebook Messenger is innovating, has integrations

Snapchat SpectaclesSpectacles by Snap Inc.

Wearables Technology – core people are high users, market-wise – created awesome solution for churches

3 social networks that church should focused on : Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Offshore Outsourcing has a great impact in social media church

Twitter will be the next adaption of churches to invest


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