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Ben Arment: Warrior and Priests

January 26, 2011

Warriors and Priests

Realized businessmen and women in our churches don’t have opportunities to serve on the front lines. Because I’m not on staff it has been really difficult to feel I have a front line role in the church. In the sense of feeling gratified or feeling I’m achieving anything in ministry.

I’ve gone from being passionate about ministry to not knowing what to do with myself in a church context. A lot of business people feel the same way. In the Old Testament as Israel invades and conquers the Promised Land.

Each tribe gets a tangible inheritance/reward for conquering land…except Levite tribe. Their reward was presence of God. The other tribes couldn’t experience the presence of God personally.

So it divided classes; warriors and priests.

In church today we have divided classes: pastors and business community.
The problem is that when Christ died and rose, the temple veil that divided the priests from the people was torn.
When curtain tore, warriors could have access to God. And priests could engage in the tangible, and enjoy fruits of their labor.

We have warriors sitting in pews who don’t know how to really get engaged in ministry. We have priests/pastors that don’t know how to achieve things in the business community. They don’t know what the warriors are dealing with on an every day basis.

Discussion Questions:
1. What will you do in your church for the warrior community? What role will you give them?
2. What will you do with the opportunity for pastors to be achievers of tangible things?

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