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Be Bold – Go Out and Chase Your Dreams

August 22, 2012

Through the years, I’ve followed Diana Nyad’s quest to swim the body of water between Cuba and the Florida Keys. She’s tried it four times and never completed the distance. Her last attempt ended yesterday when she was pulled from the water after swimming about half the total distance and after 42 grueling hours. Sunburned, stung by jellyfish three times and swimming toward a dangerous storm, she and her team made the difficult decision to pull her from the water to safety. Asked by journalists if she would try it again, she said No, she just couldn’t.

Greatly disappointed, saddened, but not crushed by defeat, Diana declared that rather than spending one’s life lying on the couch wishing to accomplish great things, we should be bold and go out and chase our dreams.

As I watched the video interview, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Diana’s grace and positive outlook in the face of defeat. Imagine having a dream that you spend your entire lifetime striving toward only to realize finally that you will never achieve it.

I also thought about pastors and ministry leaders that have dreams of their own. They spend their entire lives training, serving, pouring into others lives, praying and doing their best to fulfill their calling – whatever it may be. Sometimes, like Diana Nyad, they have to give up their dream and finally realize that they will never achieve it.

For all of you out there who have dreamed and failed, I offer Diana Nyad’s challenge – rather than be defeated by your present reality, get up off your couch and Be Bold – Go Out and Chase Your Dreams – even if it means you have to dream a new dream and start again.



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