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Author Insights with Dave Browning

June 26, 2013

Today's interview is with Dave Browning, the founder of Christ the King Community Church International.  Dave is a visionary minimalist and the author of Deliberate Simplicity; How the Church Does More By Doing Less and Hybrid Church: The Fusion of Intimacy and Impact. His passion is to see the church grow organically and exponentially through relationships.

If someone came to you and said they were thinking of writing a book, what advice would you give them?

“Spend ample time outlining the book.  Once you know where you are going, and have a clear, cohesive outline, the writing process is much easier.

Name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader. Why and how did this person impact your life?

“John Maxwell taught me the importance of “the teachable point of view” – getting your thoughts into smaller “packets” that are easily transferable.

Explain the impact, if any, that technology (including social media, the Internet, digital publishing, etc) has made on your organization or you personally.

“I spend a couple hours each day responding to email and social media.  I view this as mainly a positive, as I'm able to “touch” far more people than I could prior to the digital revolution.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an author?

“I'm continuing my practice of reading (a couple magazines and a couple books a week).  I'm also going on a Sabbatical soon.”

When you hear from your readers, what do they want to know?

“Many times they ask my denominational background (fundamentalist Baptist).  From my writing it is clear that I have been set free from religious prison, they just want to know which prison, I guess.



To learn more about Dave Browning visit his blog or add him on facebook.

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