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Assess Your Church’s Small Group Ministry (Register by May 15)

May 1, 2017


By Warren Bird

Are your small groups thriving? At Leadership Network, we’re always looking for resources to help activate your church to greater impact. Most churches we work with believe that discipleship happens best within small groups that meet regularly–but we often hear that the leaders of those churches need help making those ministries flourish.

So I became very interested in a new church small group research study where, through your participation, your ministry can receive a free, limited-time assessment that will provide you with the following helpful reports at NO COST:

  1. Small Group Effectiveness Ratings. You will receive a report that identifies where your small groups score on three key effectiveness measures—group health, personal discipleship/spiritual maturity, and member assimilation/connection to your church—in relation to hundreds of other small groups. This report will help you gauge areas of strength for your small group ministry and identify ways that you can cultivate healthy small groups.
  2. Ministry Profile Report. This descriptive report will share what the research team learned about small group ministry practices and effectiveness across hundreds of small groups from hundreds of churches across the United States.  You’ll be able to compare your ministry model and practices to those of others in similar sized and typed churches.

The study is run by a friend, Dr. Ryan Hartwig, a professor at Azusa Pacific University and my co-author for Teams That Thrive. More than 10,000 leaders have benefitted from the research-based insights in Teams That Thrive, and I’m confident this new study will uncover similarly impactful insights that will help small group pastors and leaders cultivate thriving small groups.

Ryan and his colleagues are not just asking small group pastors or leaders about what makes small groups effective, but they have designed a study that hears directly from group members about what makes their small groups great–or not.  What they learn will help you answer these questions for your ministry:

  • How do we know if our small groups are actually accomplishing the vision we’ve laid out?
  • What really happens at the group member level?  Do group members actually embody the values we champion as a church?
  • Do our group members really know why we do small groups the way we do?  Do they value what we value?

Please go now to check out the study.  You will not only learn valuable insights about small groups in your church and how they compare to others, but you’ll also help collect valuable data that will be used to help your church–and thousands of others–build healthy, thriving groups.

For more information about the study, or to register your church, visit  But do it fast, because you’d need to register your church by May 15.


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