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As Promised – Rick Rusaw talk

June 17, 2010

On Tuesday I interviewed Rick Rusaw, pastor at Lifebridge Church in Longmont, Colorado, along with Eric Swanson about their new book, Externally Focused Quest for THE SHOW. (

The archive isn’t posted yet but below you will find Rick’s excellent talk from THE NINES last year. More news about this year’s NINES is below.

Eric and Rick have written several books together over the last few years including:

The Externally Focused Church

The Externally Focused Life

and their latest book, The Externally Focused Quest: Becoming the Best Church FOR Your Community.


I personally think it’s the best yet in their series.


We are trying an experiment right now for this years “The Nines” that has grown out of control very quickly.

Todd Rhoades, our digital guru, decided to try the new twitpik technology to get input on potential speakers for this year’s big day. You can find the list right here:

About 10,000 people logged into it the first 36 hours or so with more signing on to suggest speakers every day. Go check it out.

Now, enjoy Rick’s talk from last year’s show:

It focuses on “what is the best question as we examine our churches?”


You can find all of last year’s presenters at

Look for more news about this year’s Global Event on 09/09/10 in the next few weeks.

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