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Counting vs. Measuring

When it comes to keeping score, churches in North America typically focus on three metrics: buildings, budgets, and the number of people in seats. There

What Kind of Shape Are You In?

Reimagining Leadership Have you ever tried to roll a triangle? Cavemen figured out long ago that circles make better wheels than pyramids do. This analogy

The Miracle of Church Planting

Every church that stands is a miracle from God. This is good and challenging news for anyone that feels led to launch a church. Church

The Sharp Edge of the APEST Wedge

While I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a silver bullet—a single solution that will resolve all our problems—nonetheless I have come

Can Social Media Bring Revival to Gen Z?

What if the next sustained culture-shifting move of God or nation-spreading revival wasn’t birthed in a conference or a stadium? What if it came through screens

FCP 24 | Ryan Delamater

OCNWTR exists to help the marginalized coastal communities of the 108 countries with direct ocean access receive their drinking water from the ocean at a

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