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Are You Creating a Real Sense of Urgency in Your Ministry Setting?

April 2, 2009

John Kotter is author of the now classic business book, Leading Change, published in 1996 anKotter Leading Change Coverd still a bestseller. In that previous book he suggested eight steps in leading change. The first of these Sense of Urgency Coverwas to develop a sense of urgency.

As a follow-up Kotter has written A Sense of Urgency. In this 2008 book he clearly makes his point in the six page preface and the first three chapters that take up 61 of the 196 total pages of primary text. That is all you need to read to benefit from his VIP's [short for very important points].

Here are some of the VIP's:

  • The single biggest error people make when they try to craft change is they do not “create a high enough sense of urgency among enough people to set the stage for making a challenging leap into some new direction.” [viii]
  • Our biggest challenge is complacency. “We underestimate its power and its prevalence.” [4]
  • Our second biggest challenge is a false sense of urgency. “A false sense of urgency is pervasive and insidious because people mistake activity for productivity.” [9]
  • To increase a true sense of urgency, “create action that is exceptionally alert, externally oriented, relentlessly aimed at winning, making some progress each and every day, and constantly purging low value-added activities–all by always focusing on the heart and not just the mind. [60]

To create a real sense of urgency I entreat you to go forward and do likewise. What is your first step to create a real sense of urgency in your congregation or other ministry setting?

George Bullard, The Columbia Partnership,

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