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Andrew Jones: Money Money Money

July 8, 2011

Boaz Project Ministry that locates and equips missional entrepreneurs for the global emerging culture. We do it by telling stories, throwing parties, making friends, and giving gifts. Our ministries are more creative, more streamlined, more lean. We’ve become more lean (skinny). We’ve had to embrace voluntary poverty. Sounds awful. But it’s a privilege. It gives insight into the ministry of Jesus and the scriptures Luke 10 Jesus tells his short term mission team to leave their bags If you have too much stuff, if you are too rich, you don’t have any filter. You end up doing a lot of stuff with a lot of people. But you miss the right people God is leading you to. Embracing voluntary poverty. It’s a doorway into communities that normally wouldn’t give me the time of day. Sometimes its easier if you are a guest rather than a host to find entry into these communities. Sometimes its better to drool down rather than dress up. It may be that the stuff we need is with the people who are waiting for us. God will use our lack of things to lead us to the right people and right things.

Discussion Questions:
1. Spend time in prayer with God while you journal. Answer this question: what stuff do I need to leave behind?
2. Pick a particular area of ministry. On paper, cut your budget in half. Now determine how you would carry that ministry out with the reduced budget.

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