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10 Mistakes Churches Make in Evaluating Pastors and Other Articles Church Leaders Should Read

July 24, 2017

Here’s a collection of interesting, thought-provoking articles from around the web from recent weeks. For more links, check out our Flipboard magazines: Leadership Network Today, Leadership Network Deep Trends, and  Ideas to Implementation to Impact, where we curate the best in innovative ideas for church leaders.

  1. Five Leadership Axioms That Shape Your Ministry ( Here are five leadership values (adapted from her lecture) that help make Jenni Catron (and those she coaches) more effective leaders.
  2. The Decline of Marriage Is Hitting Vegas Hard  ( Nevada’s marriage rate has plummeted in recent decades, an extreme version of a pullback happening across the U.S. The forces that have reshaped the nation’s economic life since the 1970s have helped make marriage an institution increasingly reserved for the well-educated and more affluent. A spate of recent research suggests America’s marriage gap is cementing disadvantage.
  3. Five New Reasons Why You Do Want to Launch that New Church or Campus ( What did leaders from more than 1,500 new churches or multisite campuses tell us about what they’ve learned and experienced?
  4. Do Churches Have a Positive Impact on America? ( Six in 10 Americans (59 percent) say churches and religious organizations have a positive effect on the way things are going in the country, but people’s responses vary widely depending on political affiliation, educational background and attendance at religious services, according to a new Pew Research Center report.
  5. Seven Reasons Why Some Churches Should Consider Being Acquired ( This post is not about a pleasant topic. It’s about churches that have declined to the point where their near term future is in doubt. And it’s about churches seriously considering allowing another church to takeover their property. It’s about churches going down the difficult but noble path of being acquired by another church.
  6. Why Warmth Is the Underappreciated Skill Leaders Need (KelloggInsight) When it comes to success in leadership, there has never been just one playbook. Some leaders are extroverts, natural mentors, and charismatic speakers; others prefer to lead by example and take a more hands-off approach.There is, however, one simple fact that leaders ignore at their peril: those who demonstrate high levels of “interpersonal warmth” have a better chance at long-term success.
  7. Good Deeds Done by Christians Often Go Unseen ( LifeWay Research’s survey of 1,000 Americans looked at 13 service programs often run by churches—from tutoring kids to teaching job skills. They asked Americans if they’d heard of churches or church members being involved in those activities in the past six months. Six in 10 say they know churches feed the hungry. Half say they know churches give clothing to the poor. Beyond that, acts of service by churches often appear to go unnoticed, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research.
  8.   Methodist Congregation in Delaware Sets Up New Kind of Church Without Church Building ( The vision is for the new location to be a community center — a place where people want to go, and where they can do the things they love. The hope is that once people participate in activities at the church, New Beginnings will “get the chance to show what God has done in our lives,” Carter said.
  9. The U.S. Birth Rate Hit Another New Low, and Fewer Teens Are Having Babies ( The U.S. birth rate fell again in 2016, marking a new all-time low, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news is that the decline is largely attributable to a continued drop in teen births, which also hit a historic low in 2016. The bad news, if you listen to some alarmists, is that the U.S. could someday fall below the population replacement rate, leading to a contracting workforce and a stalled economy.
  10. 10 Mistakes Churches Make in Evaluating Pastors ( Here are some mistakes Chuck Lawless has seen churches make regularly in this process of evaluating pastors.

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