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An Angel and a Mule?

June 14, 2012

For most of us in the United States, we are within 10 minutes of a local food store.  If we run out of butter while making chocolate chip cookies, it simply takes a quick trip to the store to re-stock (or a sweet phone call to a loved one to pick some up on the way home).  If our child needs soccer shoes for the next soccer game, we go down to the mall.  Even the folks in the remote parts of the US who are hours from any big chain store have the internet.  Their favorite person, and special deliverer of all good things, is the UPS carrier. 

In other parts of our world, though, it isn't so easy.  Not only is there no ready access to fresh foods, but water can be scarce as well.  UPS, FedEx, USPS, or any of the other courier companies don't deliver.  When you need something, you either make do with what you have, ask a neighbor, or pray for the Lord to provide it. 

Recently, I stumbled across an article about a new service called AngelMule.  AngelMule is an idea of mmMule co-founders Andrew Simpson and Avis Mulhall.  They were visiting Rwanda and brought a football to the children at the orphanage.  The reaction was outstanding and they wanted to make it possible for others to share in joy of fulfilling a simple need for someone.  AngelMule seeks to link up folks traveling to various parts of the world with a non-profit in the area they are traveling.  They communicate via the AngelMule website and a delivery is arranged. 

The idea is simple – yet what a profound impact it can have on the non-profits throughout our world.   Share it with your traveling friends or remember to check out their webiste the next time you take an adventure.  For church leaders, what an amazing way to be the “light” throughout the world with organizations who may shy away from church sponsorship, but will accept help from individuals who can begin that conversation.  

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