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Amy Hanson: Middle Aging Man

May 30, 2011

Am convinced that the aging Baby Boomer is going to be a game changer for society and for the church.

First – sheer numbers
– In 2011 the first baby boomer turns 65
– 2030 – more than 72 million adults over the age of 65 (1/4 of our population).
– Happening globally
– Massive group of people with time, experience, resources.
– Waiting to be called to a significant Kingdom work.
Second – Their capacity to give
– New phase of life
– beginning to retire
– no longer caring for kids
– asking how do I want to spend the next 20 years.

Church leaders can ignore the reality, or step in, point them to Christ, and engage them in His mission. What can you do?

First – not going to respond to your current senior adult ministries
– not interested in social clubs or potlucks or bus trips
– want to be active and involved – don’t like anything that resembles getting old
– don’t like word “senior”
They will require new ministries with new names
– start a retirement revolution in your church and your community.
– our culture has taught us retirement is to do the kinds of things we want to do.
– That is the worldly view of retirement.
– Teach young people to save, save, save, so they can enjoy themselves in retirement.
– As leaders call people to something great. Point to Christ. Mobilize them for His mission.

We have a window of opportunity to harness the capacity of aging Baby Boomers and mobilize them to be Kingdom laborers for Christ.

Baby Boomers can and will change the game. Let’s not miss our chance to shape what that’s like.

Discussion Questions:
1. Identify challenges to starting new senior adult ministries in your context.
2. What are possible solutions to the challenges you identified above?

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