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Already Almost 1,000 Large Churches Are “in” — But Your Deadline Is May 31

May 30, 2016

MAY-31Our Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey, conducted every other year, will close on May 31 (shhh, actually June 3*). Here are five great reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity to participate:

1. Free. You tell us your church’s information, and we show you tallies and insights from other churches like yours. We give certain special, free feedback ONLY to those who participate, from size-specific salary tables to a Q&A webinar with the survey director, yours truly.

2. Unique. Ours is by far the largest cross-denominational (and non-denominational) finance-related survey of big churches. We offer far more than salary tables — trends, benchmarks, comparisons, ratios, commentary and more. What the feedback will help you do:
– Determine whether your senior level salaries are in the right ballpark.
– Learn what’s going to change as your size increases (or decreases).
– Glean from the financial and staffing patterns of other leading churches.
– Find helpful standards and benchmarks for setting staff and financial policy.
– Draw upon an authoritative outside voice to show to your board or other decision makers.
– Identify variables that most influence the per-capita giving at your church, and what might cause it to increase.
– Learn the factors that most influence the setting of salaries in both larger and multisite churches.
– Develop the financial aspect of strategies designed to retain your top staff.

3. Good company. Almost 1,000 other large churches have already participated — with attendances from 500 to well over 10,000. That means our feedback will have lots of comparison points for YOUR specific church size and budget.

4. Gift cards to winners. We’ll give ten $100 gift cards to randomly selected participants.

5. Private and confidential. Our reports do not name or identify specific churches. No one can figure out from our charts and tallies which churches participated in our survey. We’ve done these reports since 2001, and are thankful for the trust churches grant to us.

Next step: Simply show this blog to someone on your church staff who has access to salary, budget and attendance data. Our goal is to give you so much value in the free feedback we provide that you or the staff person who helps fill it out will feel like we paid you back with gold for your valuable time and trust. (If you’d like to know if your church has already participated, send an email to

Please take a look at the opening pages of the survey which gives more details. Again, the link is, which includes specific links to all editions: US, Canadian, and International.

p.s. May I offer you the gift of time for reading this far? We announced May 31 as the final day, but we actually won’t close the survey for a few more days. We always have a few people say “am I too late?” so we built in some timing. You can actually finish the survey on Friday June 3 and not be too late. But come Monday morning, it really will be too late as we’ll start cleaning up the data. Don’t miss it! Thanks.

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