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5 Principles that Makes Our Leadership Team Work

August 30, 2016


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What Makes Our Leadership Team Work

by Mark Johnston with Ryan Hartwig

Principle 1: We live by this mantra: “This team is my team. Its success is my success. I win if this team wins. I lose if this team loses.”

Our directional team has adopted this mantra as a philosophical umbrella for how our team will operate. It’s a saying that reminds us of the importance of collaborative decision-making and perpetuates our “best idea wins” culture.

We recognize that silos begin to develop as an organization grows, and using a shared risk and reward approach to ministry helps minimize silos so we can move our mission forward. (Our definition of a “silo” is when a ministry area has three attributes: the leader is or feels like he is operating alone; there is competition instead of cooperation with other areas; and communication is fragmented, resulting in team members lacking a clear picture of what’s happening outside of their little world.)

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VIDEO: How You Can Invest in the Lives of Other Senior Pastor Couples

You’re a pastor of a large congregation. You understand the importance of taking time to stop, spend time with your spouse, and rest in the Lord. It hasn’t always been easy to do. But you’ve found a way. Perhaps others have helped create a way to carve out this critical time when you needed it most. Making that investment in yourself has brought health and longevity to your marriage and your ministry.

What if you could create a way for other Senior Pastor couples to rest and reconnect? What would that investment mean for their marriages and the Kingdom?


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Myths About Millennials and Giving

by Chris Willard with Warren Bird

I hear lots of conversations among U.S. church leaders who are trying to unlock the mystery of how to reach and mobilize millennials (the group of people born roughly 1981 to 1997). When it comes to empowering the financial giving and generosity of millennials, the conversation gets even more intense.

What are the keys to leading this passionate, cause-driven generation to open their wallets to greater kingdom potential?

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Leadership Development

4 Keys to Creating a Missional Culture in Your Church

by John Poitevent

Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This might be more true in churches than anywhere else. The greatest challenge for any organization is that of changing its own internal culture, and the older and more established the organization, the greater the difficulty. Edgar Schein, an organizational development expert, defines an organization’s culture as its “artifacts, espoused beliefs and values, and basic underlying assumptions.” Once a leader determines these areas must change for the sake of the mission, what are the key catalysts for implementing that change?

1. Your Pulpit
Culture is shaped by communication. The language you use, the values you teach, the stories you tell..

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