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Reaching the “Unaffiliateds”

May 31, 2016



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Reaching the “Unaffiliateds”

from The Resurgent Church by Mike McDaniel

I pastor a church called Grace Point, and it was born for a certain kind of person, though each one has a different story, a different life, and a different winding road that leads to God’s kingdom. At Grace Point, we say we’re a church “for those who have given up on church, but haven’t given up on God.” Yet we have to face the fact that there are also those who have given up on church and God.

As a matter of fact, people like this are growing far more rapidly than the God-and-church tribe. In a Western world once rich in faith and mission, “no belief” is the hottest religious status of the day. In 2014, the Pew Research Center reported that “no affiliation”—identification with no religious tradition—was the fastest-growing designation among people polled…

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How Do You Create a Discipling Culture?

by Reggie McNeal

Discipleship fundamentally is about developing people. Helping them become the person God had in mind for them to be when he created them is the point and the end goal. The culture of a congregation or ministry organization can either promote or inhibit the discipling process.

In my experience I have observed that 5 key elements contribute to a culture that supports people development… 


How can Leadership Network help you today?

Join Pastor Rick Warren at the Purpose Driven Conference 2016

by Dave Travis

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Purpose Driven Conference returns with new material, new tools, and new hope for your church. This conference is a unique and comprehensive learning experience that will be the catalytic force of renewal for you, your entire church, and the community around you.

Pastor Rick Warren has been busy preparing new tools, methods, and lessons that he has learned since he wrote The Purpose Driven Church over 20 years ago…

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A Solution for Senior Pastors

by Chris Mattix

Last week, we held our fourth meeting of one of our Senior Pastor Next Steps groups. This group began meeting in September 2014 in Dallas and concluded last week in San Antonio. These 12 pastors were from churches in 8 different states, representing over 28,000 people in their congregations. Some had elementary aged children, and others had elementary aged grandchildren. One thing, though, they all had in common was their desire to continue to lead well as a senior pastor, not only in how they lead their congregation, but also their staff, community, and family. Being in this Senior Pastor Next Steps group gave them the advantage of hearing from ministry experts in the latest trends and resources for churches, and connected and encouraged them as they shared their ministry and family journeys.

What about you?

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Leadership Development

Already Almost 1,000 Large Churches Are “in” – But Your Deadline Is Today

by Warren Bird

Our Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey, conducted every other year, will close on May 31. Here are five great reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity to participate:

1. Free. You tell us your church’s information, and we show you tallies and insights from other churches like yours. We give certain special, free feedback ONLY to those who participate, from size-specific salary tables to a Q&A webinar with the survey director, yours truly...

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