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How Much Do Pastors of Larger Churches Get Paid?

February 16, 2016


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Wanted: Next Generation Pastors Seeking Senior Pastor/Mentors

by Linda Stanley

When’s the last time you (as a younger lead pastor) had an opportunity to sit with some of the most experienced senior pastors in the country for hours of one-on-one conversation? How about having your emails, phone calls and texts promptly answered by these same senior pastor/mentors? Wouldn’t you like to have access to senior pastors like these that would gladly coach and mentor you personally?

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Are You Paying Your Staff Too Much? (Or Not Enough?)

by Warren Bird

Larger churches face a lot of tough questions about paying their pastors and staff:

• Does a founding pastor generally get the same pay as a successor pastor in a similar-size church?

• Is campus pastor pay typically based more on size of overall church or size of specific campus?

• What’s the average salary difference between the #1 person and the #2 person in a church your size?

• How much does senior pastor pay differ, say, in a church of 5,000 vs a church of 15,000?

Leadership Network has established what’s widely accepted as the “gold standard” in large-church benchmarks and trends, enabling us to create trusted reports for pastors, boards and church HR leaders since 2001. It all starts with taking part in Leadership Network’s 2016 Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey, open now…

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What Can Older Pastors Learn from U.S. Presidents?

by Warren Bird

After an American president’s term of office ends, is whatever comes next a step down professionally and a let down personally? The recent historical pattern is perhaps a surprise: many have poured themselves into a new mission, and with amazing results.

That same question could be framed of older, long-term pastors still brimming with ministry heart, skills and connections: is there meaningful life after stepping out of your current role? My research says yes…

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Scheduling Social Media Posts

Social Media Church Episode 133

Nils and Jay discuss different tools on scheduling social media contents for different networks. They also share their recent reads and how these books has helped them as church leaders.



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