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Every Pastor Is an Interim Pastor

April 5, 2016


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Infographic: Every Pastor Is an Interim Pastor (Even if You’re There 30 Years)

by Warren Bird

Newspapers rarely run articles titled, “Pastoral succession was so seamless and smooth that church momentum didn’t skip a beat.” They should. Those successions do happen. It’s largely the bad news that makes headlines. The reality is no matter how long you’re at your church, at some point you need to prepare to pass the baton – and there’s help for doing it well.

If your church is anticipating succession in the next few years, let us help you walk through the stages of preparation and transition…

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Getting Back to the Root of the Gospel

“We need to get our hands dirty in the world by changing real lives…” Neil Cole discusses why he wrote his new book One Thing in this short video.

One Thing: A Revolution to Change the World with Love by Neil Cole is available now. Get your copy from


A Strategic Ministry Opportunity for Senior Pastor Couples

by Chris Mattix

Over 120 Senior Pastor Couples have gathered together in retreats throughout the past 3 ½ years through our Mentor Pastors Network. The impact of these retreats always seems to be above and beyond what was anticipated, with the theme of “intentional time together” being a catalyst for God moving in the hearts and minds of the Senior Pastor couples.

What is the Mentor Pastors Network? 

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How Does Your Church Compare With These Numbers? (Part 3)

by Warren Bird

Here are some preliminary findings from several hundred churches that have participated in the recently launched 2016 Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey. Whether you’re from the US, Canada, UK or elsewhere, here’s the deal: If you give us your numbers (which we treat with utmost privacy and confidence), we’ll give you lots of feedback about other churches your size. Free. For all the details, see the first page of the survey,

Our first number:

2% …

say that the entire congregation is told the salaries of the specific individuals on church staff…

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Leadership Development

The Restorative Value of Mentors, Models and Networks

by Bob Buford

I have learned a lot about happiness this past month … and the contagious effect of being around people who are happy. My wife is happy. Linda says, “Be happy. It is a choice, you know.”  Maybe there is a message for me in there. My assistant is happy. The team I work with at The Drucker Institute is happy with their marvelously flexible new space designed for them by the Herman Miller Company.

Last week I went to participate in this year’s Drucker Institute CEO Forum, a truly remarkable gathering of 25 Big Dogs from all three sectors – government (Department of Education), social sector organizations (Harvard, The American Red Cross, Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House in Dallas), and business (CEO’s of P&G, Starbucks, Costco, Intuit) among others…

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