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What Do You Need to Know About Interns & Residents?

February 2, 2016


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Succession Readiness: Survey the Landscape of Large Church Pastors

Internships/Residencies: What 328 Churches Told Us about Their Programs

by Warren Bird

We’ve learned that 74% of large churches sponsor an internship or residency program to train people for ministry.

– How do they fund it?

– How do they handle the supervision, coaching and mentoring?

– Where do churches get their best interns/residents from?

– What percentage of “graduates” become staff at these churches or church planters sent out?

We conducted a survey on questions like those, and we’d love to share what you learned in a write-up sponsored by Southeastern University.

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10 Truths of Churches that Do a Great Job with Leadership Development (Part 2)

by Brent Dolfo

Ever wonder why some churches ministries grow and multiply rapidly and others don’t? While there are many factors, one of the key accelerants to planting more churches, starting more campuses, or deploying more people to impact a city is how diligent a church is in leadership development.

In the past few years, Leadership Network has run seven different large-church cohorts in leadership development. Each cohort has had a dozen large churches learning from one another’s models. To learn more about our latest group starting in April 2016, HUB: Leadership Development, click here.

I’ve had a chance to have a ringside seat learning from the best models that have reproduced leaders for kingdom expansion. In my first short blog, I laid out the first five factors that contribute to “fruitfulness” in leadership development. This week, we’ll look at the next five. Taken together, these ten principles form some of the best thinking in the church today on leadership development…

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Managing Multiple Ministries

Social Media Episode 153

Nils and Jay talk about how you can effectively manage your Social Media Platforms for your Ministries. They also discuss the latest trends of technology and Jay’s experience with Uber. Use #SMCpodcast to share your thoughts and ideas.


Leadership Development

Megachurches Are Getting Smaller – Sort Of!

by Warren Bird

If you say the word megachurch, most people think of a gigantic sanctuary like the 16,000-seat former stadium of the Houston Rockets, that hosts Lakewood Church, led by Joel Osteen.

On the one hand, every year sees an increase in the number of large-attendance churches. And the average total worship attendance at all campuses is also on the increase.

However, at the same time, the clear trend in large North American churches is that they’re also getting smaller in two ways…

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