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Small Groups for the Rest of Us

October 27, 2015


Leadership Network Advance

October 27, 2015

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Book Excerpt: Small Groups Are Weird

Pushpay: Grade Your Church’s Website

Featured Job Opportunity: Director of Operations

• Investing in Senior Pastor Couples

• Don’t Miss The NINES Special Tuesday Evening Session for Your Entire Church

Small Groups are Weird
Book Excerpt: Small Groups Are Weird

by Chris Surratt

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way from the beginning: to the normal church outsider, small groups are weird. Those of us who are tasked with convincing people in our churches that joining a small group is something they should do have an uphill battle. Here are just a few of the perceptions that come along with signing up for a small group in a church:

•    Carve out two to three hours a week from your already impossible schedule.

•    Spend those two to three hours with strangers in someone’s home.

•    Be prepared to confess all of your internal struggles to those strangers.

•    Don’t forget to stop by the store every week to pick up a cheese-and-fruit tray for the group.

Sound like fun? It didn’t to me. My journey to being a small-groups pastor was not an easy one. In fact, I pretty much came to it kicking and screaming…

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Featured Job Opportunities

Director of Operations

Beulah Alliance Church, Edmonton, AB

Beulah Alliance Church invites applications for the position of Director of Operations. This executive leadership role is responsible for overseeing financial, administrative, facility, and other infrastructure systems required.

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Investing in Senior Pastor Couples

Investing in Senior Pastor Couples

“Nobody gets pastors like pastors get pastors and when you get around the table with other people who do what you do, having the same kind of challenges…it allows them to open up to one another…there is something about that one another for each other that comes to fruition in a meeting (retreat) like that.”

Jeff and Beth Jones – Mentor Pastor Couple

The Mentor Pastors Network is a program designed to bring senior pastors and their spouses together for a time of rest, relationship, and renewal with God and their spouse…

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Global Megachurches Spread from Nigeria to USA

Don’t Miss The NINES Special Tuesday Evening Session for Your Entire Church

The Tuesday evening session is a new addition for The NINES this year. We’d like you to ask as many people from your church to join us Tuesday evening, Nov. 10, as we have a ‘church town hall meeting’ of sorts.

We’re finding that many if not most church leaders and staff members are having great discussions about how to engage Millennials, Religious Nones, and the Next Generation at the staff level.  But many haven’t introduced this subject yet to a broader range of leaders and church attenders…

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