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How Long Do Staff Stay at Large Churches?

February 9, 2016


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How Long Do Staff Stay at Larger Churches?

by Warren Bird

Larger churches are known for long-tenure senior pastors. But the turnover among other staff is much higher. Is turnover good or bad? How long is too long?

We recently surveyed larger churches to ask some of these questions. Check out the results…

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How Can Your Ideas Become Technologies to Glorify God?

Leadership Network launched the first Code for the Kingdom hackathon in 2013. From that first hackathon and still today people from all over have said things like “I am not a technologist; I am not a coder; I am not a designer; what can I do in a Code for the Kingdom hackathon? How can get my ideas to become technology people can use? How can I be a part of this?”

Our answer is always the same: “We all have something to offer.” God is the designer, and as His children created in His image, He lives in us and so does His creativity. You do not have to be a technologist, a programmer, or an entrepreneur, to help create technology that matters. God calls us all to serve and to do so with joy, and then allow Him to do the rest….

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Seven Keys of Culture

by Samuel R. Chand

Have you ever walked into an office and, after only a few casual, brief conversations with people, sensed something was wrong? Many of us have a sixth sense about the atmosphere and relationships on a team, but it’s much easier to take a sniff test in someone else’s church, office, store, team, or home than our own. Amazingly, some of us who are incredibly perceptive about other cultures are clueless about the nature of relationships and attitudes around us each day. To be objective, we need to step back from time to time and take a good, long look in the mirror. We might be surprised at what we see…

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Leadership Development

What Makes for a Happy and Healthy Life?

by Eric Swanson

For over 75 years (yes you read that right) Harvard University has been tracking and studying the lives of 724 men from two different control groups. The first group was from among the best and brightest—a group of sophomore men at Harvard.The second group was from Boston’s poorest neighborhoods, chosen specifically from the “most troubled and disadvantaged families…most lived in tenements, many without hot and cold running water.” They wanted to discover “What keeps us healthy and happy as we go through life?”…

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