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Church-Sponsored Special Needs Prom

January 19, 2016


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Succession Readiness: Survey the Landscape of Large Church Pastors

Best of Leadership Network Today – January

by Dave Travis

Here’s a collection of interesting, thought-provoking articles from around the web from recent weeks. For more links, check out our Flipboard magazine: Leadership Network Today, where we curate the best in innovative ideas for church leaders.

1. NJ Megachurch, Tim Tebow Foundation to Host Special Needs Prom (Christian post): Liquid Church in NJ hosts its first Night to Shine Prom for special needs, sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation.

2. Church Gifts Single Mom with Home for the Holidays ( The congregation at Calvary Church in Irving gifts a single mom and her daughters a home on Christmas Eve after living in a motel for the past year. …

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1 Key to Church Integrity You Cannot Overlook

by Michael Martin

I’ll admit it. If you’re like most church leaders, governance probably does not rank #1 on your list of favorite ministry subjects.

Just reading the word “governance” might make you yawn or, worse, pound your head in frustration thinking back to your last church board or elder meeting.

But stick with me. While it may be tempting to brush governance under the rug and focus on seemingly more exciting or interesting priorities, if you want to operate your church at the highest levels of integrity, you cannot overlook effective governance…

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3 Box Thinking – Structuring Your Church for Innovation

by Eric Swanson

As you enter 2016 it is helpful to put everything you do in your church into one of three boxes:

• Box 1 represents THE PRESENT and contains all the stuff that is currently working in your church—the weekend services, the topics and style of your preaching, small groups, global missions, the men’s steak fry, etc. We must manage and improve the present. How can we get better and more efficient at what we currently do? How do we know what to invest in? There are strong, clear signals based on results and feedback. But since last year some stuff that used to work no longer is working so we need another box. That’s where Box 2 comes in…

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Leadership Development

Have You Checked Out Our Three Online Magazines?

by Dave Travis

Flipboard is one of those tools that previous generations didn’t have. It’s an app for various platforms that enables a curator to aggregate content in a very attractive package.

For Leadership Network I update three magazines that Leadership Network churches and leaders will find interesting:

Leadership Network Today – is all about church innovation. It features stories on our client churches, thought pieces by church leaders and important articles about issues that our church clients deal with week to week.

Leadership Network Deep Trends – is more about the cultural, demographic, financial…

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