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Church Makes Big Difference in America’s Hungriest Zip Code

October 14, 2014


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October 14, 2014
"Red Shirt Church" Rallies to Serve Hungriest Zip Code in America
“Red Shirt Church” Rallies to Serve Hungriest Zip Code in America

by Warren Bird

Pastor John Siebeling knew that he and his church couldn’t look the other way when they read the hunger statistics and heard the stories.

The front door of The Life Church of Memphis, TN, was only 15 minutes away from an area where more babies were dying than in some Third World countries. On top of that, The Life Church was a short drive from a zip code known as the “hungriest zip code in the United States”—where 74% of children went to bed hungry every night.

“When I told the church that, they were like, ‘How could we let that happen?’ ” John says. “We talked to school teachers in our church, and they told us some of the children show up Monday in the same clothes they wore Friday and they hadn’t eaten all weekend. Their stomachs were growling, it was impossible to teach, and the kids were not learning.”

Keep reading to find out how The Life Church addressed this serious problem.

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