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October 21, 2014


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October 21, 2014
Create for the Kingdom
Creating New Technology for God’s Kindgom“How can all creatives help alleviate and eradicate injustice, teach God’s unconditional love and build a healthier and stronger society?” That is the question that was addressed at Leadership Network’s sixth Code For The Kingdom event. Dubbed “Create For The Kingdom,” the September 12-14 event was expanded to bring together game developers, filmmakers and creatives from a wide variety of other disciplines in addition to traditional hackathoners. Over a 47-hour period, individuals worked to tackle pressing issues that face the Christian community.

Challenges and Pitches

Nine unique challenges, championed by many great organizations, were presented to participants. The challenges ranged from helping people know and love their neighbors to finding ways to encourage generosity in the lives of youth. Afterwards nearly 30 people presented ideas on how they thought an app, website, game, or film could meet those challenges and help transform lives.

The winner of Best New Film is a powerful short film created in response to the need of a local Austin Group of 300 churches seeking to engage the neighboring concept in that area. The film depicts the need to better know our neighbors. The film initially depicts children who live in the same neighborhood but pass each other by without connecting. It ends with those children coming together in a very awesome way.

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The Nines: Culture Crash

3 Reasons to Hire For Potential Over Experience
3 Reasons to Hire For Potential Over ExperienceIn a recent study performed by professors at Stanford University and Harvard Business School, it was discovered that several industry-leading companies now favor new job candidates who appear to have the “potential” to succeed in the roles they were applying for over those who had already demonstrated some measure of success in the past in a similar area or field.The reason for this preference in hiring was due primarily to the belief that in order to remain competitive and relevant in their respective industries, candidates with fresh ideas and a passionate desire to be trained and developed were far more valuable than candidates already trained and perhaps heavily devoted to previous achievements and older methods of getting things done.

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ARC Conference
ARC Conference Coming Soon at Saddlebackby Dave TravisI ran onto Dan Ohlerking at the Exponential Conference last week and he gave me an update on the ARC Conference coming in just a few weeks. ARC, The Association of Related Churches has been a partner with us for many years. I interviewed him so he could pass on some information for those that need to be there.

Dave: When is the ARC West Conference?

Dan: The first-ever ARC Conference on the west coast will be held at the beautiful campus of Saddleback Church in sunny southern California on November 4-6, 2014.

Dave: Who will be there?

Dan: Speakers for the conference include host pastor Rick Warren, Tommy Barnett, John Gray, and several ARC lead team pastors such as Greg Surratt, Chris Hodges, and Rick Bezet. But they aren’t the only great people you’ll get to hear from.

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