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A Vision Statement Is Only as Strong as the Leader Is

April 26, 2016


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A Vision Statement Is Only as Strong as the Leader Is

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of vision statements. Vision statements are a dime a dozen as far as I’m concerned. Everyone these days has a vision statement. A few years ago, everyone had a “2020 Vision.” Soon it will be a “2050 Vision,” and so on. At the end of the day, however, a vision statement is just a statement. It has no life on its own. It cannot, nor will it ever, energize, unify, or align an organization. This task falls to the leader. A vision statement is only as strong as the leader is. Vision is only as clear as the leader is. Vision is only as compelling as a leader makes it. A vision is stewarded and sustained by a leader.

As leaders the kindest, godliest, thing we can do is Be Mean About the Vision… 

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Do Churches Give Financial Bonuses?

by Warren Bird

Does your church give financial bonuses? That’s something people have asked us about lately. We first explored it in 2014, asking, “Do you have a financial bonus structure in place for the senior pastor?” One in 7 churches said yes.

So for our 2016 Large Church Salary, Staff and Budget Survey (it’s still open, you’re not too late to participate!), we asked several questions:

– In the last 12 months, did you give a financial bonus to the lead/senior pastor?

– If yes, how is it calculated?

– How did you determine any financial bonuses for people OTHER than senior/lead pastor?

Those who participate in the survey will receive a breakdown of the responses… 

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How can Leadership Network help you today?

Apple TV Ideas for the Church

Social Media Church Episode 139

Nils and Jay talk about how the church can leverage Apple TV in creative ways. Every home has a TV which means every church has a device in everyone home to accomplish their vision. Listen to the show to spark your imagination to better use the TV for your church’s goals.


Leadership Development

How to Start Planning Your Succession

by Dave Travis

Where should you start in your succession thinking and planning?

This is a continuation of two prior posts. The first was on the idea of no success without a successor and the second was on various ways leaders and churches try to address the issue.

Leadership Network will be helping church teams address this issue May 3-4, 2016 in Houston at our Large Church Succession Planning gathering.

But first, where does one start in the process?

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