Generosity & Stewardship Accelerator

We help leaders get beyond talk to real implementation that leads to measurable impact.

The Accelerator strategy involves equipping the leader and building the team to work together in an effort to integrate stewardship and discipleship in the life of the church. By measuring what matters most in this arena, leaders can continually test and improve their strategies in order to accelerate results and multiply impact.

Our Generosity & Stewardship Accelerator involves three, 3-day world-class facilitated sessions with your team over the course of one year. Leadership Network's proven process provides:

• Analysis Of Your Current Generosity Initiatives

• Connection With Other Pioneering Churches – True Peers

• Development Of A Comprehensive Plan For Growing Generosity, Stewardship And Giving That Includes Growing Resources And Growing People

• Monthly Online Group Sprint Session Led By The Leadership Network Team And Generis Consultants

• Monthly Office Hours Where Your Team Can Schedule An Online Coaching Call With The Director.

• Five Leadership Network Church Implementation Lab Memberships For Your Team


Connection with True Peers

Access to Leading Churches and World-Class Organizations

Regular Coaching and “Sprint Sessions” to Speed Your Team’s Implementation

Free memberships for the Implmentation Lab

When Does it Happen?

Group 1 Dates: May 22-24, 2018, December 4-6, 2018, May 21-23, 2019

What is the Value?

Purchased separately, the components of the Engagement Accelerator would total $35,940:

Three group sessions for your team of three with other innovative church teams
Monthly online group sprint sessions
Monthly online coaching sessions with Generis
Five Church Implementation Lab memberships for your team

What Do You Pay?

Charter rate for a team of three people coming to each gathering. Additional team members (up to 5) can be added for $500 per person per gathering.

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Our Generous Church Expert

Chris Willard

With more than 25 years of experience in ministry leadership. Chris served with Campus Crusade for Christ as northeast regional director and as the director of the Innovation Center for Technology, Campus Crusade’s internet and digital media ministry.

Team Investment

Church Team

$ 24,000

Per Team of 3Church teams up to 3

Additional Team Members

$ 500

Per Person$500 for each additional person, per gathering (Up to 5 total)
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