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A Day of Glory

December 18, 2012

I came of age in the vinyl era. We called them albums. They were shortly surpassed by 8 track tapes (my buddy hooked one up to the old car I drove) and then it continued up to today’s digital formats. I joke that I have bought Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird in all its formats.

But they still call them albums. I have some friends that always pass along to me their latest work. For me, a real album is not just 10-12 songs randomly recorded, but an arc of songs that tell a larger story.

My friends at The Austin Stone Community Church sent along “A Day of Glory” their new worship album highlighting new music and hymns for the Christmas season. You can find it digitally over at

The two best tracks are the opener “A Day of Glory” and the closer “Rejoice Oh Joy of Heaven is He.”  Both are new and fresh.

Check it out today to prepare your hearts for worship during this season. Plus if you go to their site you can download the chord charts as well.

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