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A Collision of Two Words

July 23, 2012

Graffiti – when I hear that word, I associate it with an illegal artistic expression of teenage angst that is usually carried out in a moment of anger, rebellion, or simply boredom.  I am pretty sure that the words graffiti and church have never collided together in my mind when creating a sentence.  However, Brad Bell and the staff at The Well Community Church  in Fresno, California believed otherwise. 

The church building pillars were to be re-painted, so the staff decided to spend part of a Sunday morning letting people use graffitti to artistically express what God meant to them.  They were given cans of spray paint and then went about creating – tagging the pillars with words expressing their thoughts.  Pictures and videos of the event can be found on The Well Community Church Facebook page,   As stated by Brad Bell in the KSFN television interview, a member of the church, who is also a police officer, said this was the first time he has ever seen someone “tagging” a piece of property without running away from it! 

Enjoy the creativity and articistic expression of God's people and maybe next time your church is getting ready for a new coat of paint, you can also budget in a few cases of spray paint for your congregation. 



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